How a Shy, Overweight “Nerd” Got a Great Girlfriend…
(without being rich, endless nights at bars, or sleazy PUA tactics)



Does this sound like you? 

You want a serious relationship sooner-rather-than-later.

You’re tired of “playing games” and want options with amazing women so you can find the right one to settle down with.


You'd like to be able to charm beautiful women anywhere.

So you can authentically create fun, fulfilling relationships with wonderful women, whenever and wherever you happen to find them.  


You are ready to improve yourself in all aspects, not just dating.

You’re ready to figure out a new plan to develop genuine confidence – while being your authentic self and as happy as you can be, in everything you do.

Stop “picking up chicks”.

Start dating quality women. 

I think you have advice broad enough to be applicable to a lot of people and specific enough to actually do something.

I knew I always put up excuses and rationalized not talking to her,  but I didn’t know why.

John - Mexico

I really like that quote you said,  “The fun guy always wins.” Awesome!

I could tell instantly from your advice what the benefits of being a sociable guy are immediately!

Brandon - Singapore

What you said really struck a chord with me. A good chord, as I can relate.

I had trouble dating for most of my life, even thought I’ve dated a few hot girls. But, I usually feel like I am not dating my dream girl and can do better.

Jon - USA

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