What Is A "Quality" Woman?

Good question. I’ve asked hundreds of guys this…

Jon said….

Someone who is confident, takes care of herself, is fun to be around, and even your friends and other people around you are like, “Damn Jon, how did you get her?! She’s great!”

And… she makes me a better person because that’s really what my vision is –  whoever you end up with – you make them a better person and they help make you a better person, also… just by being around them.

Brian said…

Somebody that I would want to introduce to my parents, would feel proud of introducing, and is somebody that can meet my needs emotionally.


I would call her “emotionally flexible” because we can be talking about something totally goofy and laughing our asses off, then we can have a real deep emotional conversation, and then we can go to talking about something like being vulnerable and what scares us while still being able to hold space for each other.

Ben said…

Somebody who matches your personality, who you don’t have to be somebody else with,  whom you can just be yourself with and you don’t have to pretend to fall into a roll.


She is someone you can have a really nice conversation with, somebody who is intellectually on my level. And, she also gives you, when you ask, the same kinds of questions back and gives you the same kinds of responses.

Phillipe said…

It is a woman that has specific characteristics that make me want to be a better man. That make me want to push myself more towards her.


She wants me to make her, and I want her to make me, proud when we’re together.

Luke said….

She is someone that I am really, really attracted to, and really into, and she also feels the same way about me.


I want to have a family, so I do want a girlfriend, and I want somebody that I can really have a long term pair bond with and grow old with.

Kevin said…

The highest quality woman, is the one who sees a high quality man in you and helps you be that man.


She makes you want to WIN consistently and give your all. She also has similar morals, personal beliefs, and level of intelligence.

Bruno said….

A woman that can live independently and be happy without a guy but is thrilled when she gets a guy she respects and is attracted to.


I also believe that ideal partners compliment each other – being strong in areas where the other is weak.

Mike said…

Indpendent, smart, fun, sexy but not slutty.


Obviously, it is important she is  attractive…  but someone you can have meaningful conversations with.

Dave said…

Big titties but small waist.

Well played, Dave.


You see… “quality” is (usually) about PERSONALITY and VALUES! 

Men LIKE attractiveness but they LOVE that mixed with personality! And, each guy has his own opinion on what makes a woman “quality” to him.

There are some commonalities, though:

“We make each other better people”.

“We don’t have to pretend around each other”

“We make each other proud”.

“We can have meaningful conversations”.

“We have long term potential”. 


But dating quality women isn’t easy!

First… finding attractive, healthy women who match your values isn’t that common.

Second… almost EVERY guy wants to date these types of woman!

Third… these women are often high value. They have their lives together. They aren’t insecure. They don’t need your attention. They don’t hurt for sexual validation. They know their worth. They have standards. They respect themselves. They’re real and genuine. And, they often don’t make themselves easy to be gotten, even when they want to be.

Standard PUA “tricks” won’t work on them because they aren’t insecure or foolish enough to fall for silly games. (I’ve tried!)

So, when you do meet them, you’d better be prepared… and you’d better be on your “A” game!


Want to know a dirty little secret most PUA and dating coaches won’t tell you?

They like to sell you techniques and tactics so that you’ll always think there’s “more to learn” and keep you coming back and spending money… but here’s an age old truth your grandpa probably said…“Birds of a feather flock together”. 

Meaning: you don’t attract who you want…. YOU ATTRACT WHO YOU ARE!

If you use PUA tactics to manipulate women… you’re going to find women who use tactics to manipulate you!

If you’re not confident in yourself…. you’re going to attract women who aren’t confident in themselves!

If you have a certain type of “crazy”… you’re going to attract women with their own, and usually matching, type of “crazy”!

It’s part of why so many relationships don’t work out… many people just find a partner who fits into their mould of dysfunction until it all eventually unravels like usual… sad but true…

Looking back on most of the women I’ve dated, I can clearly see that they have been a reflection of where I was in my life at that time.


To Date QUALITY Women, You Need To Be a QUALITY MAN!

But, what does this mean?! There are 4 parts to it:

1) Embody The Values, Standards, and Traits That You Desire 

You want a woman who is fit and “takes care of herself”? Then be fit and “take care of yourself”!

You want a woman you’d be proud to introduce to your parents? Then be a man she would be proud to introduce to her parents!

You want a woman who you can have a really nice convo with? Then be a man who is great at making really nice convo!

The list goes on and on. I think you get it.

If a lot of us are brutally honest with ourselves and take a loooong haaaaard look in the mirror… we’ll recognize that we’re not hitting bullseyes in matching our dream woman in at least some of the qualities we desire in her.  So, how can we be so hypocritical as to desire her to have them? 

2) Have A Purpose and/or Goals In Your Life That Are More Important Than Her

“I hate men with drive and ambition!”  – said NO amazing woman, EVER!

This isn’t attractive to quality women because of the potential money or success they may gain from being with you (though, that doesn’t hurt either)… it’s about the CHARACTER it shows. It’s about the fact that you are a man who is introspective enough to know what he wants in life, courageous enough to go for it, and assertive enough to even possibly pull it off!  

Quality women want to feel like they are an appreciated part of an awesome adventure that you are going on together… not that they are the destination or that you are leaving them behind in order to do so. ALL women want to feel like they are an IMPORTANT part of your life. However, quality women just want to be a fun and mutally enjoyable part of it! They don’t want to be your “everything” and have your happiness depend on them… that’s more responsibility and pressure than they want!

Only insecure, needy, likely-emotionally-unhealthy women want to be the CENTER of your world. If you meet women who want that, I would beware. You might be in for a rough ride down the road. 

Having this kind of purpose or goal also gives you that air of “mysteriousness, non-neediness, and non-chalance” that PUAs are always talking about needing to be attractive. That’s because you value her… but not more than yourself and not more than what is important to you in your life. So, you don’t “need” her to feel fulfilled or happy… though you are more fulfilled and happier with her.

3) Have A Life That She Is Excited To Be Invited Into

Quality women, like everyone – maybe even more so because they have a lot to add but might have a hard time finding people who add to them – want to be around others who make their own life better and more interesting. So, let me ask you:

Do you have a life regularly full with interesting events, places, and fun or new activities? Or, do you sit at home and play video games and watch GOT re-reruns, even on the weekends? 

Do you have a fulfilling social life with interesting and value adding people and opportunities to meet even more? Or, do you hang out with the same people every week, who don’t really help you get what you want in life, and rarely meet new ones?

Do you find ways to have a great time doing even “ordinary” things like going grocery shopping, watching movies, or having dinner? Or, do you just go through the motions and miss opportunities to create extra enjoyment in them?

Now, let me ask you: which one of these types of guys would YOU rather hang out with? Now, how about quality women?

I’m sure you can see that if you can add to her life just by having an awesome life of your own that she can join, that sets you apart from many other guys!

This isn’t about doing these things so that she will like you; it’s about your life being so fulfilling to yourself that hers also becomes more so, just by having the option to join yours. If you do this, there’s a good chance she’ll want to find out about other, more romantic, parts of your life as well. It also gives you lots of convenient opportunities for great dates!

4) *MOST IMPORTANT* Interact and Communicate With Her In Ways That Inspire Emotion!

EVERYONE loves good emotions. After all, our emotions basically determine the level of enjoyment of our lives. Even if our situation sucks, as long as we feel good about it, then we’re happy.

In fact, most decisions people make are made based upon what they feel like doing – and then they use logic to rationalize why it’s a good idea. That’s why it’s called “rationalize” a.k.a “rational lies” – they make a lot of sense but they are actually just logical excuses for us to do what we wanted to do anyways

It’s very difficult to logic people into emotion. It’s much easier to emotion people into logic!

That’s why it’s so hard to change someone’s mind when they feel a certain way (ie. religion, politics, why they put pineapple on pizza) – even with completely rational/logical facts. It’s also why it’s so hard for you to say “No” to that delicious dessert when you know it goes against your fitness goals. The emotion almost always wins!

That’s also why it’s SO important that your communication and interactions with women inspire EMOTION in them!

Women are known as “emotional creatures” and if she FEELS GOOD when she’s around you, how could she not want to be around you more?! On top of that, these good feelings can even override her logical reasons why she shouldn’t be with you, so that she can!

Now, I’m not talking about manipulating womens‘ feelings by making them feel bad about themselves, like you’re better than them so they want to make you happy, or “tricking” them into liking you. I’m talking about INSPIRING EMOTIONS THE RIGHT WAY – like how you feel when a comedian makes a hilarious joke, after a speaker gives a moving speech, or when you see someone fighting for what they truly believe!  I’m talking about inspiring emotions that invoke respect, enjoyment, and/or appreciation. 

These kinds of emotions can literally make her, and other people, addicted to being around you!

Here are just some of the ways to INSPIRE (the right kind of) emotions in her, so that she wants to be around you:


  • Casually mention stories that include other women in your life who might be a challenge to her winning you
    (makes her feel like you are a desired man who she ought to value the opportunity to create a relationship with, lest she lose you)
  • Joke with her about why she isn’t right for you
    (makes her feel like you are a man with standards who doesn’t settle in life- so it means she’s “special” to you if you choose her) 
  • Joke about getting married/having children together/being together forever
    (makes her feel like you understand what she’s likely interested in long term and, so, you might be appropriate to fill that role)
  • Touch her, appropiately
    (makes her feel like you are courageous and interested in her enough to risk possibly losing her by showing her, physically)
  • Find (any, really) reason to interact with her
    (makes her feel that you are interested enough, creative enough, and assertive enough to find ways to create a relationship with her)

Early On: 

  • Don’t let her be too sure whether you like her or not until you really do
    (makes her feel that it really means something when you finally do and that isn’t just a ploy to get laid)
  • Don’t call or text her ALL the time a.k.a. “give her the gift of missing you”
    (makes her feel that you are a man who is secure enough to give her space to enjoy her life and capable enough to draw her back)

  • Share interesting stories with her, including about your life
    (makes her feel that you have an interesting life that she can understand, relate to, and enjoy being included in)
  • Share new experiences together
    (makes her feel you are open minded and that she can be when she is with you too)

  • Don’t always be available to her – especially if you don’t want to be and it’s not an important situation
    (makes her feel that you value yourself, and your time, and that she ought to as well – including when you choose to spend it with her)


  • Don’t give her what she wants, if you really don’t want to or don’t agree with it
    (makes her feel that you respect your own values enough to even risk upsetting her – and encourages her to respect you as well)

  • Have personal boundaries that you don’t compromise and tell her about them if she crosses them
    (makes her feel that you stand up for what you think is right and that you’ll do the same for her and your potential children together)

  • Have other things going on in your life
    (makes her feel that you make the most of your life in many ways, including being with her, and that she is lucky to be a part of that)

  • Be honest and transparent with her
    (makes her feel that she can trust you, that you are comfortable with who you really are, and that you can communicate openly together)
  • Listen to her to genuinely understand her and communicate with her in ways other people don’t
    (makes her feel you understand her better than any one else and that she will never find another partner or man as good as you) 


Why go to all this trouble?

If you’re over 30, like me, then you probably want to have a serious relationship with your “dream woman” sooner rather than later. 

Maybe you’re just tired of “playing games” and want to save yourself the time waste of “playing around”.

Maybe you’re worried it’s going to take you a few years to find your dream woman and you’ll be too old by then or that you’ll never meet her and end up alone. 

After all… it doesn’t matter how succesful we are, how much money we make, how many awards we win, or how many women we sleep with (trust me)… if we don’t have that special person in our lives who really makes us feel really lucky and grateful every day then we’ll likely never be totally fulfilled.

Most guys recognize this and tell me that, though they don’t want to rush it just for the sake of it, eventually they want to “settle down” with someone special to them.

And that’s the hard part: the “settling”.

You see: “settle” has the hidden implication of “for less than you want”. And, we deserve what we settle for.

I’ve heard: “A good husband makes a good wife” but also “You can’t change someone unless they are in diapers”.

So, in order to have an amazing relationship we need to 1) have our shit together, and 2) choose her very, very wisely.

After all… our intimate relationships are amoungst the the most important of our lives. They impact our growth, success, and happiness significantly. At their best… the result is marriage and it happily lasts the rest of our lives. At their worst… the result could be much shorter, much less happy, and yet have just as long and significant consequences.


Why did I make this site?

I’m over thirty now, so I see a lot of guys “settling down”.  Many of them, including some of my best friends, with women which I think they could do a lot better. It’s not that these are TERRIBLE women… it’s just that I doubt they are the type of women the guys dreamt about marrying when they were younger. I know that if I were to sign up for something for the rest of my life, I’d ONLY do it if it was a situation I was ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with. 

I’ve heard so many stories from guys who ended up divoriced and said “they got walked on in marriage”, “they weren’t appreciated”, “their wives were bitches to them”, etc.  This may not be the whole truth. 

It may be that they let themselves get walked on because they didn’t stand up tall with their own values and standards – unlike a quality man. It could be that they didn’t communicate with her fully and/or often enough – unlike a quality man. It might be that they didn’t do enough to keep up the excitement and attraction – unlike a quality man. It’s possible they ended up resenting each other because he didn’t keep up his boundaries and let her cross them “just to make her happy” – unlike a quality man. It might also be that they chose their wives poorly – based solely on looks, a scarcity mindset, or what society told them about when they were “supposed to get married” – unlike a quality man. 

This ends up costing them years of their lives and often has financial consequences that last even longer.  They also often seem to come out of it “shells of men” with lots of personal work to do just to pick themselves up and get back on track.

It’s a shame to see. 

My goal is to make sure that when you do “settle down”, 1) you are the absolute most amazing partner you can be, and 2) you choose the absolute most amazing partner you can – and continue on together to create a fulfilling life.

I hope this site comes to be a massive resource for men creating happy, healthy, fulfilling relationships with amazing QUALITY women – with them being full of appreciation and love for each other.

Quality women aren’t easy to find or create relationships with… but if you do, they’re worth it.


I’m not a huge Bob Marley fan but he sure showed some wisdom in this quote:



This applies to everything in life, not just women.

Here’s to being and finding someone worth it, sooner-rather-than-later!

– Brian Pippard

If you’d like, you can learn more about me HERE.

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