What Is A "Quality" Woman?

Good question. I’ve asked hundreds of guys this…

Jon said….

Someone who is confident, takes care of herself, is fun to be around, and even your friends and other people around you are like, “Damn Jon, how did you get her?! She’s great!”

And… she makes me a better person because that’s really what my vision is –  whoever you end up with – you make them a better person and they help make you a better person, also… just by being around them.

Brian said…

Somebody that I would want to introduce to my parents, would feel proud of introducing, and is somebody that can meet my needs emotionally.


I would call her “emotionally flexible” because we can be talking about something totally goofy and laughing our asses off, then we can have a real deep emotional conversation, and then we can go to talking about something like being vulnerable and what scares us while still being able to hold space for each other.

Ben said…

Somebody who matches your personality, who you don’t have to be somebody else with,  whom you can just be yourself with and you don’t have to pretend to fall into a roll.


She is someone you can have a really nice conversation with, somebody who is intellectually on my level. And, she also gives you, when you ask, the same kinds of questions back and gives you the same kinds of responses.

Phillipe said…

It is a woman that has specific characteristics that make me want to be a better man. That make me want to push myself more towards her.


She wants me to make her, and I want her to make me, proud when we’re together.

Luke said….

She is someone that I am really, really attracted to, and really into, and she also feels the same way about me.


I want to have a family, so I do want a girlfriend, and I want somebody that I can really have a long term pair bond with and grow old with.

Kevin said…

The highest quality woman, is the one who sees a high quality man in you and helps you be that man.


She makes you want to WIN consistently and give your all. She also has similar morals, personal beliefs, and level of intelligence.

Bruno said….

A woman that can live independently and be happy without a guy but is thrilled when she gets a guy she respects and is attracted to.


I also believe that ideal partners compliment each other – being strong in areas where the other is weak.

Mike said…

Indpendent, smart, fun, sexy but not slutty.


Obviously, it is important she is  attractive…  but someone you can have meaningful conversations with.

Dave said…

Big titties but small waist.

n e, a, rightrse,,Well played, Dave.


You see… “quality” is (usually) about PERSONALITY and VALUES! 

Men LIKE attractiveness but they LOVE that mixed with personality! And, each guy has his own opinion on what makes a woman “quality” to him.

There are some commonalities, though:

“We make each other better people”.

“We don’t have to pretend around each other”

“We make each other proud”.

“We can have meaningful conversations”.

“We have long term potential”. 


But dating quality women isn’t easy!

First… finding attractive, healthy women who match your values isn’t that easy.

Second… almost EVERY guy wants to date these types of woman!

Third… these women have standards and choices. They aren’t attracted to just anyone and aren’t desperate for options. Plus, standard PUA “tricks” won’t work on them because they aren’t insecure or foolish enough to fall for them. (I’ve tried!)


Want to know a dirty little secret most dating coaches won’t tell you?

They like to sell you techniques and tactics so that you’ll always think there’s “more to learn” and keep you coming back and spending money… but here’s an age old truth your grandpa probably said…“Birds of a feather flock together”. 

Meaning: you don’t attract who you want…. YOU ATTRACT WHO YOU ARE!

If you use PUA tactics to manipulate women… you’re going to find women who use tactics to manipulate you!

If you’re not confident in yourself…. you’re going to attract women who aren’t confident in themselves!

If you have a certain type of “crazy”… you’re going to attract women with their own, and usually matching, type of “crazy”!

It’s part of why so many relationships don’t work out… many people just find a partner who fits into their mould of dysfunction until it all eventually unravels like usual. Sad but true…

Looking back on most of the women I’ve dated, I can clearly see that they have been a reflection of where I was in my life at that time.



How do you do this?!

1) Authentically Express Yourself In a Healthy Way 

You want a woman who likes YOU for YOU, right?

Then, you need to be YOU.

As Chris Voss, ex lead hostage negotiator for the FBI says in his book Never Split the Difference, “To be  good, we need to be ourselves. To be great, we need to add to our strengths, not replace them.” 

To do this, you need to first transform what you fundamentally believe about YOURSELF and WOMEN, because you will subconsciously create results that match those. 

Then, as the most confident, secure, and comfortable version of yourself, who expresses yourself in a healthy way, you will attract women who are the same.

Who doesn’t want to date someone like that?

2) Make Her Life BETTER

 You want a woman who, rather than taking from you, makes your life BETTER, right?

Then you need to do the same.

And I don’t mean by paying her bills, taking her on expensive dates, or buying her gifts.

I mean by using your personality.

There are many ways to do this:

  • Leading things forward comfortably, especially sexually
  • Bringing more fun and excitement to her life
  • Having a sense of humour
  • Having a lifestyle she can enjoy being a part of
  • Being persistent in the right way
  • And more…

 Who doesn’t want a partner who makes their life better by being in it? 

3) Be Empathetic and Understanding

You want to be with a woman who understands and cares about you, right?

Then you need to do the same for her!

I hear some men already thinking, “Understanding women is impossible!” But, I assure you, it is not. 

With some basic understanding of her psychology and desires, you can easily give her what she really wants out of a partner, by: 

  • Knowing how to read between the lines of what she says and does for what she really means and wants
  • Balancing her being an object of your sexual desire, which she wants, with appreciating her for the unique, individual person she is
  • Respecting her and your own healthy boundaries
  • And more…

Who doesn’t want a partner who understands and cares about them?


Why did I make this site?

I’m almost forty now, so I see a lot of guys “settling down”.  My goal is to make sure that when you do “settle down”, 1) you are the absolute most amazing partner you can be, 2) you choose the absolute most amazing partner for you, and 3) continue on together to create an even more fulfilling life.

I hope this site comes to be a massive resource for men creating happy, healthy, fulfilling relationships with amazing QUALITY women – with them being full of appreciation and love for each other.

– Brian Pippard

If you’d like, you can learn more about me HERE.

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